Open Transit Data Toolkit

Transit Techies #3 - August 29 2018

What is the Open Transit Data Toolkit

Ten Lessons

R and RStudio

Subways, Buses, Bike Share


Getting Data »

Data Wrangling »

Visualization »


Why did we make the Open Transit Data Toolkit?

Open Data is only part of the solution

Improving documentation

Moving from raw data to insights

Why is Open Transit Data important?

Informed Decision Making

Improved Civic Discourse

Kinds of Transit Data

Historical Archives (e.g. CSV)

General Transit Feed Specification Static and Realtime ( GTFS)




Access to Data:

Historic Archives, Realtime GTFS, Documentation

Limitations of a website

Getting Data

MBTA Back on Track

MBTA-realtime Developer Portal


MTA Developer Portal

MTA Bus Time

MTA Developer Resources

The Open Bus


Resources: Performance

MBTA Dashboard Data Dictionary

MBTA Subway Reliability

NYC Bus Performance

Bus Turnaround

Thanks to:

You, TransitCenter, Transit Techies, Intersection/ Sidewalk Labs

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